24D Episode 7: March pastor Q&A with guest Pastor Malcolm Carter

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24D Episode 7: March pastor Q&A with guest Pastor Malcolm Carter
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  • Published: 23 Apr 2015
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“You can't let critics determine direction.” – Pastor Malcolm Carter

24toDouble Church Leadership & Growth Podcast – Episode 7: March 2015 Pastor Q&A with Guest Pastor Malcolm Carter

You do not want to miss this awesome episode.  We have the great privilege of having 24toDouble alumni, Pastor Malcolm Carter of Temple Baptist Church in Cullman, AL, co-hosting this call.  Pastor Carter joins our host Richard Chancy this week and helps pastors navigate the challenges and excitement of growth.  There are many great nuggets in this podcast that you want to make sure to hear!

Some of the things we talk about in this issue include:

  • The importance of a comprehensive growth approach
  • The value in changing mindsets to foster growth
  • How to craft a vision statement
  • How to manage the Pastor's Breakfast with minimal staff
  • How to connect with first time attenders
  • How to maintain the growth once it starts
  • Realizing that growth brings with it a season of change
  • Using the Gifts & Passions test
  • Best practices for implementing the 24toDouble system for church growth

Links that were mentioned in this episode:

sweetprocess.com – An online tool that allows you easily create step-by-step procedures.  These procedures are great for training new people and maintaining systematic approaches.  We use this at 24toDouble, and the resulting time savings and consistency are amazing.

Free Gifts & Passions test – This is the 24 to Double gifts & passion test that was discussed in this episode.

You Are a Miracle: Waiting to Happen by Ken Houts – A recommended read for members of 24toDouble. Pastor Carter highly recommends this book to pastors.

24Trial.com – Information on the 24toDouble church growth program

24D Podcast Episode 3: Interview with Malcolm Carter – This podcast keeps coming up in our calls as pastor after pastor talks about how God moved them after hearing this awesome podcast.  If you've not already heard it, you should make the time to give it a listen.

Key take-aways:

There were so many great moments in today's episode.  One of the big points we walked away with is how important it is to find a church growth strategy and implement the entire system.  It's easy to want to cherry pick ideas from everyone, but as Pastor Carter pointed out with first hand experience, the tools of 24toDouble are meant to be used in concert with each other.  Pastor Carter talks about how his original church growth strategy was to implement pieces of everything he was learning;  however, he was met with minimal results.  It wasn't until he and his staff made the decision to implement everything they learned with 24toDouble, as a full system, that their church growth exploded.

It's important as a leader to look at the overall system when developing a church growth strategy.  The process of simply taking one or two ideas and trying to make them fit into what you are doing will often be met with minimal (if any) success.  However, when the entire system is put together all the individual units work together to form a sustainable and scalable growth system.

We also talked about how growth brings a season of change.  Unfortunately, this sometimes means people will decide the journey is not for them.  Pastor Carter shares a personal story about how he waited on doing what God told him to do because of people who didn't want to go along with it.  What he found out was two years down the road those people ended up leaving anyway.  He realized that his not acting on God's direction for fear of losing people only delayed the blessing that God had in store for him and the church.  While a pastor always hurts when families leave the church, Pastor Carter assures us that for every 5 families that leave 50 more will come to see why they left.

Pastor Carter shares his personal understanding of a pastor's feelings and even their occasional discouragement.  But he offers many words of edification proclaiming that God has good things in store, and the overall blessing that God pours out will always outweigh the moments of despair.

Pastor – if you have hit a plateau, or just need some encouragement, then take an hour, pour yourself a glass of water (or sweet tea if you happen to be in the south) and hit PLAY on this episode. When you're done, head on over to iTunes and give this podcast a review and make sure to subscribe so you'll never miss another show!

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