24D Episode 6 – February Pastor Q&A

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24D Episode 6 – February Pastor Q&A
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  • Published: 23 Apr 2015
  • Duration: 44:18

24 to Double Church Leadership and Growth Podcast: Episode 6 – February Pastor Q&A

This months pastor's Q&A conversation was great and pastors brought up many awesome questions about their personal church growth.  We also heard from many pastors who shared their excitement and testimony about how 24 to Double is the perfect solution for them.  It's so incredible to hear pastor after pastor share what God is doing in their church.

Some of the key points in this podcast are:

  • Using a unified curriculum for small groups
  • How a pastor can leverage the power of video to connect with people
  • Using Facebook as a tool to get the church used to inviting
  • Day of fasting for Easter – Wednesday before Easter
  • The importance of having a simple church vision statement
  • How crucial it is for us to realize how complicated church is for the first time visitor
  • Hiring issues for rural churches
  • Preaching vision & preaching needs

Episode links:

There were several links shared in this episode to great resources.

canva.com – a great online tool for making beautiful graphics with ease (we use Canva to create almost all of our blogpost content and many of our ads and other web graphics)
screenflow.com – A easy to use screen capture and video editing tool for the Mac.
camtasia.com (Techsmith) – Another easy to use screen capture and video editing tool Mac for PC.  (we use Camtasia for most of our online videos where we are talking with powerpoint like slides)
open.lifechurch.tv – an awesome free resource for churches
62 Free & Cheap Church Growth Resources – a resource that we put together to help churches find free or almost free resources for church growth
Simple Church – a great book that Jerry says every pastor should read about creating a simple church vision that's easy to communicate and one that people can get behind.

Key take aways:

In this episode we talked about how to help boost small groups – especially those that are in the beginning stages.  One of the ways Pastor Jerry Lawson encouraged other pastors in building these groups is to use unified curriculum.  This helps you keep the focus on the current teaching points.

We also discussed the key to having a simple vision that is easy to communicate and easy for people to embrace.  Along with this, we talk about the importance of realizing that church is complicated to a first time guest – where to park, where to go, when to sit, when to stand, what to wear, what to expect, etc. etc.  Think about what you can do to simplify church.  Church should be accessible – take time to look at yours and see where areas might be that you can improve.

Finally, remember that the Wednesday before Easter is our day of fasting for church services worldwide.  We believe that God will move in mighty ways and we believe it's important for us as his followers to fast and seek Him as we prepare for this amazing day!

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