24D Episode 5 – Pastor Q&A

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24D Episode 5 – Pastor Q&A
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  • Published: 30 Mar 2015
  • Duration: 59:14

“You need to treat your church like it's the only opportunity in your communityfor people to make it to Heaven” 

– Pastor Jason Lawson, Daystar Church

24 to Double Church Leadership & Growth Podcast: Episode 5- Pastor Q&A

In this episode Jerry Lawson & Richard Chancy spend more time with pastors helping them find answers to critical growth issues.  This episode discusses many critical components of church growth and church growth strategies – such as Facebook for churches, leveraging the invite, maintaining momentum, maximizing Easter and much more!  This episode deals with many issues pastors everywhere face.  Some of the key things we look at in this episode include:

  • Preparing for Easter
  • How to market for Easter
  • What you should put on your marketing information
  • Using Easter to grow your church
  • What are you doing in your Easter service to bring people back
  • Using Easter as an invite tool
  • Setting Easter goals
  • Self reflection: Why do we do the events that we do – are they worth it and should you continue to do them
  • Some things a young church can do to maintain momentum
  • Ways the church can help people invite
  • The power of the personal invite
  • Using Facebook for outreach
  • Facebook vs. Direct Mail
  • The importance of a clear call to action
  • Wise implementation of small groups
  • Smart use of announcements as an influence for growth
  • The four steps of change
  • Using Facebook events pages to drive invites and events
  • Using social media techniques in your preaching to expand your reach
  • How to find free resources for your sermons
  • Using the Gifts & Passions test for your church

Key takeaways:

This episode is packed full of great advice, but a couple of key points would have to be the use of Facebook as an inexpensive means to invite and encourage your church to invite people to your church.  You can use Facebook events pages as well as Facebook ads as two easy ways to reach your community.  We also talked about the pro's and con's of churches using Facebook vs churches using Direct Mail.

With Easter just around the corner, we hope you are thinking about how you will use Easter to grow your church.  This is the biggest Sunday of the year as many people will visit our churches.  You should be thinking not only about how to get people to your church but also how to get them back to your church.  What are you doing this year that people will see something they need in their life?  How are you gathering visitor information and how are you planning to follow up with them after Easter?  Do you have goals for this Easter?  If so – how will you measure to make sure you meet or exceed these goals?

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