24D Episode 4 – Interview with Pastor Rodney Mullins

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24D Episode 4 – Interview with Pastor Rodney Mullins
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  • Published: 30 Mar 2015
  • Duration: 39:04

“Your church is perfectly designed to be exactly the size that it is right now”

– Pastor Jerry Lawson, Daystar Church

24toDouble Church Leadership & Growth Podcast: Episode 4 – Interview with Pastor Rodney Mullins

In this episode Richard has a great interview with Pastor Rodney Mullins of Leavittsburg Church of God in Leavittsburg, Ohio.  Pastor Mullins talks about leadership qualities of growth, knowing when to say “no”, the importance of biblical growth, how to grow a culture of inviters, and much more.  Some of the show highlights include:

  • Pastor Mullins has never run into a pastor who didn't want to grow, but often runs into pastors who lack a PLAN to grow
  • He knew he needed a biblical model to grow – most models he found were marketing and salesmanship based, but 24toDouble at it's core is a discipleship program and this resonated with him
  • The importance of discipleship and how it influences natural (and healthy) growth
  • How he moved from a staff driven ministry model to a church wide ministry model
  • How he turned his staff from “doers” to “teachers”
  • Taking your staff from burnout to excitement
  • Creating a goal to work towards
  • As their church grew, they saw it actually bottle-necking at the staff level – they simply couldn't do it all
  • How they overcame this bottleneck
  • How they grew from 250 in 1 service to over 500 in 2 services
  • The importance of having a mega vision
  • How your ministry teams should work together and the importance they be VISIBLE on Sunday mornings
  • How to capitalize on the events you are already doing
  • How to transition your church into becoming inviters
  • The importance of the follow up
  • The importance of personal invitations
  • Placing an expectation on your church to be inviters
  • Dealing with people that leave the church
  • Importance of talking with your main influencers and involving them
  • How building a church alone is not scalable – you must use your teams and empower people to use their gifts
  • The importance of knowing, as a pastor – when to say “no”

Key takeaways:

This episode is filled with a ton of great information and encouragement for all pastors.  One of the key points discussed is the power of the invite and how to build an environment where everyone is inviting people to your church.  We know that a personal invite is by far the most effective way to get people to your church.  It's important you develop a strong strategy that fosters an environment where your people want to invite their friends to your church.  Get some great tips on how to do this.

Pastor Mullins talks in great depth about how quickly church growth is bottle-necked when the people expect the staff to do all the work.  He offers some great insight on moving your staff from a “doing” mode to an “empowering” mode.  This has been a single great catalyst for their growth and overall health.

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