24 to Double Church Leadership and Growth Podcast – Episode 1

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24 to Double Church Leadership and Growth Podcast – Episode 1
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  • Published: 11 Feb 2015
  • Duration: 24:44

Episode 1: Introduction to the 24 to Double church growth podcast

Welcome to the 24 to Double church growth podcast.  This church growth podcast is all about helping you grow your church, get your people involved in ministry and reach your community for Christ!  We know how hard it is for you pastor – often one person wearing many hats.  One of the keys to success is to stop wearing so many hats and empower other people to be involved in ministry.  However, we know this is often hard and takes time.

Our church growth system is designed to help you and your team train up people to invest in ministry in your church.  Do you know that on average, for every one person you have plugged into ministry there are 4 other people doing nothing.  We want to help you place more people in active ministry.  Not only will this enrich their lives, but statistically drive more people to your church.

In this church growth podcast episode:

You will meet your host Richard Chancy and hear his heart for helping the church as well as how he came to be a part of the 24 to Double program.  Richard will also share what you should expect in future church growth podcasts.

The church is suffering in America.  Ministry is hard.  Our goal is to provide a resource to help you develop a strong framework that will help you succeed.  24 to Double gets it's name directly from what we do – provide you the tools you need to double your church in 24 months.  Hundreds of churches have gone through the program and those that have stuck to it have seen tremendous results.

Over the next few weeks you'll be hearing one on one interviews with several of these pastors.  We believe there is a lot to be learned from each of them and our hope and prayer is that these podcast episodes inspire, encourage and help you reach your goals of growing your church and reaching your community.

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